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STUTTGART, Germany I March 12, 2017 I Global sales of branded recombinant therapeutic antibodies and proteins in the calendar year 2017 reached an all time high of more than US$ 188 bln, as reported by La Merie Publishing. The increase by 11.9% compared with the previous year was driven by the double-digit growth of cancer antibodies and new anti-inflammatory antibodies, but also by the favorable currency exchange rate. 2017 was also the year of the anti-TNF antibody Humira which posted global sales of US$ 18.9 bln. AbbVie was able to defend Humira in the first litigation by postponing US market entry of Amgen’s Humira biosimilar to 2023, but Amgen will enter the European Humira market in October 2018. The anti-TNF antibodies Enbrel and Remicadepd continued their slow decline in sales by increasingly strong biosimilar competition.

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