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How to Order & Terms

La Merie Publishing is an independent publisher of biopharmaceutical business information products.

All products will be delivered by e-mail after receipt of payment by credit card or bank transfer or of a duly signed company purchase order. Pro forma invoices can be issued to facilitate bank transfer. La Merie Publishing is based in the EURO zone of the European Union and all prices are in EURO. Payments and invoices will be in EURO.

How to Order

You can order off-line from La Merie Publishing in writing by e-mail or  fax. For any questions you have, please call us by phone at +49-711-5046 0832. Our order form shows you which information we need to process your order.

If you prefer to buy online, please visit the related online store at where you will find the same products.  The online store allows to download the pdf report immediately after successful credit card payment.

E-mail Order

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will guide you through the purchase process. We will need the information described in the order form which you can send us as plain text in the e-mail or as a scanned document attached to the e-mail.

Fax Order

Please fill out the order form and fax it to +49-711-5046 0842.

Payment Options

Payment can be made by:

  • Bank Transfer - transfer in EURO can be made directly to our bank account. Details will be given on the pro forma invoice
  • Credit Card – you can either send us your credit card details as outlined in the order form and we will process the transaction. Or ask for a credit card payment request, and you will receive an e-mail invitation to pay


After successful payment, the invoice will be sent together with the report by e-mail.

Electronic Publications and VAT rules

German customers:

Electronic versions of publications supplied to a German customer are subject to a VAT rate of 19%. This will be added to the net amount in the invoice we issue.

European Union (EU) customers:
Business customers within an EU Member State (except Germany) whose company is VAT-registered will not be charged VAT. Customers must supply their international VAT number to comply with EU rules.

Private customers within an EU Member State are subject to a VAT rate of 19%. This will be added to the net amount in the invoice we issue.

Customers outside Germany and European Union Member States will not be charged VAT.

The customer is fully responsible for local taxes and import duties.

Electronic Copy Delivery

Reports are delivered by e-mail in PDF format within 24 hours after successful payment.

Copyright and Reproduction

La Merie Publishing owns the copyright and publication rights to all its reports that it publishes. La Merie Publishing does not allow any reproduction of the material contained within any publication without express permission being granted, except in cases where the material is used solely in internal reports and presentations in the course of business. In such cases all material must be clearly sourced to La Merie Publishing. Under no circumstances is any purchaser of a La Merie Publishing report licensed to resell or repackage or sell data with our prior written consent.

The Company

La Merie Publishing – Ulrich Martin is located at Sophienstrasse 8 in 70180 Stuttgart, Germany. Our international VAT no. is DE280949276.

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