La Merie

Who we are

The consulting services in pharmacology and biotechnology are provided by and under the responsibility of Ulrich Martin, MD, PhD. Ulrich is by training a physician specializing in pharmacology. He spent 15 years in R&D functions of the biopharmaceutical industry with increasing responsibility, before launching in 2002 his own business as a pharmacology consultant and publisher of pharmaceutical and biotechnology reports. Since then he and his team have elaborated and written numerous reports for individual clients as well as for La Merie Publishing.

Who our clients are

Reports of La Merie Publishing have been ordered and purchased by virtually all major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and by other biopharmaceutical companies from all over the world. We are proud to have welcomed more and more customers from countries with a strongly emerging biotechnology industry.

What we do

Since 2005, we screen every business day press releases from the life sicence industry and post those with substantial information about pharmaceutical research & development in our news portal These news are uploaded to our proprietary R&D database which is further feeded by direct searches for target pipelines, technology pipelines and company pipelines. A selection of R&D news are published in our daily and weekly FREE newsletters. Our business is to provide R&D information in the appropriate format to customers of the biopharmaceutical industry by standardized or tailor-made reports.

What we publish

Out of this R&D database, we publish competitive intelligence information in a tabulated format (Competitor Analysis reports) with a focus on antibodies, proteins, peptides, vaccines and biosimilars. Since 2009 we have released four editions of our Coagulation Factors report series. In addition, antibody technologies are a further focus of our activity with reports on antibody-drug conjugates, antibody companies and antibody technologies & attrition rates.

How we work

When preparing a tailor-made report for a customer, we usually work along an information gathering phase, an information structuring phase and a conclusion / answer-questioning phase. Information is obtained by primary search and by desktop search.

  • Primary search includes contacting sources directly under our name as well as conducting surveys with a standardized online questionnaire or interview.
  • Desktop search includes traditional literature review (full papers as well as abstracts), use of our proprietary R&D database (or from a third party), secondary search in company websites, annual reports, SEC disclosures and presentations.

The basic information then is processed by means of standardized criteria which may be adapted during the search phase. Standardized information is further structured to allow comparative analysis and benchmarking. Depending on the specific outline of the work, we can provide an unbiased, independent view and assessment of a given „subject“ of the work (target, technology, company …).

On what we worked

While we do not disclose specific customer-related information, many of our tailor-made reports can be categorized as

  • Systematic literature reviews with preclinical and clinical data, e.g. on immunogenicity, biomarker, PK
  • Technology evaluations, e.g. for vaccine production technology, immunotoxins
  • Target pipeline analysis, including target validation, mechanism of action, pharmacology, side effects, competitors, probability of success,
  • Business related, e.g. identification of licensing candidates, market research.

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