Sales Database for Therapeutic Antibodies & Proteins: 1-Year Subscription

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Publisher: La Merie Publishing
Format: Online Database
Product Line: Database
Product Code: LMDB0013
Release Date: March of 2021

Sales Database for Therapeutic Antibodies & Proteins: 1-Year Subscription

La Merie Publishing has launched its online database for annual global sales of recombinant therapeutic antibodies and proteins in regulated markets, both for branded originator products and increasingly also for biosimilar versions. Sales data since the year 2007 were obtained from company publications and mostly are reported in their original currency. Sales figures represent the sum of revenues in all territories where the products are marketed. Growth rates mostly are presented as reported (in some cases based on constant exchange rates). Sales data are referenced with a hyperlink leading to the external source of information. Sales data refer to the calender year. Sales from companies with fiscal years different from the calendar year were recalculated to the calendar year to allow comparisons between products.

Subscription to La Merie Publishing’s proprietary Sales Database for Therapeutic Antibodies & Proteins provides 24/7 online access to the data. Historical sales data within a product file can be printed. A report function allows export of the sales data from the last reported year (2021) into an Excel (or Word) document. The database includes historical sales information and currently covers more than 200 branded and biosimilar recombinant therapeutic antibody and protein products.

See our sample file from the database: Download sample file

Prerequisite: Internet access

Purchase of the subscription provides a 1-year online access to the data of the Sales Database for Therapeutic Antibodies & Proteins. Subscription to the database includes a pdf copy of the most recent report about Biologics Sales. Credentials to access the database will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours after purchase. Search functions allow to identify the product of interest according to their

  • Brand name or INN
  • Target (e.g. PD-1)
  • Technology (e.g. chimeric, humanized, bispecific, ADC)
  • Company name
  • Territory (countrywise)
  • Product category (i.e. protein or antibody)
  • Therapeutic Area (e.g. infectious, oncology, gastrointestinal)

Total sales of branded originator recombinant proteins and antibodies have increased from US$ 114 bln in the year 2011 to more than 202 bln in the year 2018 with an average annual growth rate of 8.7%.

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