Further record year of biologics sales in 2018 due to innovative antibodies

STUTTGART, Germany I April 4, 2018 I 2018 was another record year for global sales of branded recombinant therapeutic antibodies and proteins: US$ 202 mln (+7.3% vs previous year). Major contributing factor to the growth were sales of therapeutic antibodies which showed a continuous annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.1% over the last seven years. Antibodies now contribute over 70% to total biologics sales whereas sales of classical therapeutic proteins decreased by 7.4% in 2018 compared with the previous year, due to increasing use of biosimilar proteins and by changes of treatment paradigm, e.g in multiple sclerosis.

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While sales of cancer antibodies still are growing fuelled by immuno-oncology antibodies (+54%), anti-inflammatory antibodies contribute to more than 50% of all antibody sales. The decrease of anti-TNF antibody sales is  more than compensated by new anti-inflammatory antibodies

On March 31, 2019, La Merie Publishing released the 13th edition of its annual report about sales of Blockbuster Biologics. A total of 46 biologic therapeutics reached blockbuster status with 2018 sales exceeding US$ 1 bln: 28 antibodies and 18 proteins. Antibody sales represented more than 70% of total biologics sales in 2018. Ten biologics reached global sales in 2018 of more than US$ 5 bln. In addition, commercial information about sales of selected biosimilars of recombinant antibodies and proteins is provided.

The report „Blockbuster Biologics 2018: Sales of Recombinant Therapeutic Antibodies & Proteins“ can be acquired at La Merie Publishing’s online store www.lamerie.com: https://lamerie.com/report/blockbuster-biologics-2018-sales-of-recombinant-therapeutic-antibodies-proteins/

This report prepared by La Merie Publishing provides a compilation of the sales data of originator recombinant therapeutic proteins and antibodies in the calendar year 2018. Sales data were obtained from company publications and refer to branded products originating from companies based in regulated markets. All sales data were converted from their original, reported currency into US$ using official currency exchange rates as of March 28, 2018. Sales figures represent the sum of revenues in all territories where the products are marketed. Growth rates mostly are presented as reported (in some cases on constant exchange rates).

Sales data are presented for each product within the respective class of biologics. The data were analyzed to establish a ranking list of blockbuster biologics with 2018 sales higher than US$ 1 bln. Another ranking list was prepared for the TOP 30 companies according to biologics sales in 2018.

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SOURCE: La Merie Publishing