ROR1-Targeting provides opportunities for drug modalities with enhanced effector function

BARCELONA, Spain I June17, 2022 I La Merie Publishing released today its newest report entitled “ROR1-Targeted Therapy: Target Expression Profile, Safety & Efficacy of Drug Modalities, Pipeline Review, and Competitive Landscape Analysis”.

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This report evaluates Receptor tyrosine kinase-like Orphan Receptor 1 (ROR1) from an industry perspective for its suitability as a tumor-specific target for cancer therapy based on its expression profile and preclinical and clinical safety and efficacy data of the various drug modalities employed for discovery and development of ROR1-targeted therapy candidates.

ROR1 is a compelling candidate target for effector enhanced drug modalities, e.g. antibody-drug conjugates, adoptive cell therapy with chimeric antigen receptor T-cell or natural killer (NK) cells, or with T-cell or NK cell engaging bispecific antibodies. ROR1 is expressed on the surface of many lymphatic and epithelial malignancies and has a putative role in tumor cell survival. In normal tissues, ROR1 protein is abundantly expressed during embryonic development, but absent in most adult tissues except a stage of immature B cells in the bone marrow. This differential expression of ROR1 in cancerous and normal tissue is encouraging as its promises to avoid on-target/off-tumor effects.

The report has identified the players in the field and presents a competitive landscape analysis of stakeholders and a pipeline review based on the specific profiles of drug candidates and companies active in the field. The report includes information about business transaction in the field, such as acquisitions, partnerships & collaborations and licensing deals. Furthermore, the financial background and situation of the key players is described.

What will you find in the report:

  • The scientific rationale for ROR1-targeted therapies based on target characteristics and its differential expression profile;
  • Preclinical safety of ROR1-targeted therapy candidates;
  • Clinical experience and proof-of-concept with ROR1-targeted drug modalities;
  • Clinical indications suitable for development of ROR1-targeted therapies and their patient populations;
  • The competitive landscape of ROR1-targeted drug modalities in development;
  • Specific profiles of ROR1-targeted drug modalities; and
  • Profiles of companies active in the development of anti-ROR1 therapy candidates.

The report ROR1-Targeted Therapy: Target Expression Profile, Safety & Efficacy of Drug Modalities, Pipeline Review, and Competitive Landscape Analysis can be acquired at La Merie Publishing’s online store:

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