TCR Engineered T-Cells are coming out of the shadows and into the light

The next two years will give definitive clues about the prospects of this promising treatment modality for solid tumors

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STUTTGART, Germany I May 23, 2018 I T-Cell Receptors (TCR) and Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) are the cuttingedge of adoptive T-cell therapy. Both receptors deploy T-cells to target the tumor, but CAR T-cells (CAR-T) are limited to binding to cell surface antigens, while TCR T-cells (TCR-T) recognize peptides (derived from intracellular proteins) presented on the cell surface by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I.

Adoptive T-cell therapy has come of age with the recent approvals of two CAR-T therapeutics targeting CD19 (Kymriah and Yescarta) demonstrating feasibility of clinical development with impressive results and of personalized manufacturing & logistics. It remains to be seen whether these autologous CAR-Ts will live up commercial expectations, as first quarter 2018 sales of Kymriah were far below expectations (only US$ 12 mln). The final prices of US$ 475,000 (Kymriah) and US$ 373,000 mln (Yescarta) are challenging the commercial viability of autologous CAR-T therapy. Allogeneic cell therapy might be one technological solution for the pricing problem.

While CAR-Ts performed very well for hematologic malignancies, they did less for solid tumors. Furthermore, CAR-T therapy is restricted to cell surface proteins which constitute about 20-25% of all available targets on a solid tumors, leaving nearly 80% of intracellular targets untapped by CAR-T therapy or by conventional antibody therapy.

The concept of TCR T-cell therapy actually predates CAR-Ts, but suffered a series of setbacks due to toxicity caused by cross-reactivity with related and unrelated peptides prompting the development of much more sophisticated specificity screening systems. But TCR-Ts are catching up as evidenced by ten different company-related TCR-Ts entering clinical development in the last two years and further nine in preparation of clinical trials. Significant deals between TCR-T companies and major Pharma/Biotech further underline the promise of TCR-T technologies.

In this new report released by La Merie Publishing the competitive landscape of target and TCR disovery technologies, TCR-T pipeline, stakeholders, TCR-T manufacturing, deals and financing is described and analyzed. The report „TCR Engineered T-Cell Therapy 2018: an industry analysis of technologies, pipelines, stakeholders & deals“ brings you up-to-date and gives you answers to key questions about

  • target discovery & selection,
  • technologies for generation of TCRs,
  • neoantigen-specific TCRs,
  • off-the-shelf TCR-Ts,
  • the TCR-T pipeline,
  • manufacturing strategies,
  • next generation TCR-Ts,
  • key players,
  • competition,
  • corporate strategy,
  • deals and acquisitions and
  • financing.

The report can be acquired at La Merie Publishing‘ online store (,-pipelines,-stakeholders-deals-detail ). There you will find samples pages, a detailed Table of Contents, a list of Tables and of companies discussed in the report.

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