Claudin 18.2-Targeted Immunotherapeutics – a Competitor Analysis

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Publisher: La Merie Publishing
Pages: 47
Format: PDF & Online Database
Product Line: Competitor Analysis
Product Code: LMTP0147
Release Date: April of 2024

Claudin 18.2-Targeted Immunotherapeutics – a Competitor Analysis

This Competitive Intelligence report about Claudin 18.2 (CLDN18.2) Targeted Immunotherapeutics provides a competitor evaluation in the field of recombinant antibodies and cellular therapeutics targeting claudin 18.2 as of April 2024.

The very recent approval of zolbetuximab by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) for treatment of CLDN18.2 positive, unresectable, advanced or recurrent gastric cancer. The Vyloy (zolbetuximab) approval is setting the stage for a benchmark analysis of competitor compounds in the pipeline. More than 44 CLDN18.2-targeted immunotherapy candidates are being evaluated in clinical studies around the globe. And further ten candidates are awaiting entry into clinical assessment. Among the drug modalities applied to create CLDN18.2-targeted development candidates are naked monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjgates (ADC), chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells and natural killer (NK) cells, bispecific T-cell engaging monoclonal antibodies and anti-CLDN18.2 bispecific antibodies directed against immune-oncology targets PD-L1, 4-1BB (CD13), CD47/SIRPα or CD8.

This product consists of a competitor description in a tabular format provided as a pdf document and an one-month online access to La Merie Publishing’s database for this product (report code: LMTP0147) (prerequisite: access to internet). Both deliverables (pdf and database credentials) are sent by e-mail within one day, usually within one hour.

The pdf report includes a compilation of currently active and discontinued projects in research and development of immunotherapy candidates targeting claudin 18.2. Competitor projects are listed in a tabular format providing information on:

  • Drug Codes,
  • Target / Mechanism of Action,
  • Class of Compound,
  • Company,
  • Product Category,
  • Indication,
  • R&D Stage and
  • additional comments with a hyperlink leading to the source of information.

About Competitor Analysis reports:
Competitor Analysis reports deliver NO-FRILLS, but concise information about the pipeline of R&D projects for targets, diseases, technologies and companies at low prices. The information is provided in a tabular format and fully referenced. The LMTP0147 report database provides access to the history of each project with links to the source of information (press release, homepage, abstracts, presentations, annual reports etc). Furthermore, the database allows export of data into a Word or Excel document.

Table of Contents

Claudin 18.2-Targeted Immunotherapeutics – a Competitor Analysis

  • Claudin 18.2 (CLDN18.2) Targeted Naked Monoclonal Antibodies
  • CLDN18.2 Targeted Antibody-Drug Conjugates
  • CLDN18.2 Targeted CAR T Cells & NK Cells
  • CLDN18.2 Targeted T-Cell Recruiting Bispecific Antibodies
  • CLDN18.2 & PD-L1 Targeted Bispecific Antibodies
  • CLDN18.2 & 4-1BB (CD137) Targeted Bispecific Antibodies
  • CLDN18.2 & CD47/SIRPα or CD8 Targeted Bispecific Antibodies

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