P2X3 Receptor Antagonists

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Publisher: La Merie Publishing
Format: Word Table
Product Line: Target Pipeline List
Product Code: LMTPL052
Release Date: June of 2019
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P2X3 Receptor Antagonists – Target Pipeline List 06/2019

Targets: P2X3; P2X purinoceptor 3

This Target Pipeline List provides an overview of P2X3 receptor antagonists in development for treatment of chronic cough, endometriosis and neuropathic pain.

P2X3 receptor channels expressed in sensory neurons are activated by extracellular ATP and serve important roles in nociception and sensory hypersensitization, making them attractive therapeutic targets. ATP released from damaged or inflamed tissues in the airways acts on P2X3 receptors of primary afferent neurons, triggering depolarization and action potentials that are transmitted centrally and interpreted as urge to cough. There are strong preclinical and clinical evidence supporting the role of P2X3 receptors in hypersensitization of the cough reflex, leading to chronic cough. By inhibiting P2X3 receptors on the primary sensory neurons, P2X3 receptor antagonists would inhibit the hypersensitization of the cough reflex and, hence, the exaggerated cough experienced in chronic cough patients.

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